3 eco-friendly startups of India

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3 eco-friendly startups of India

The start up scene in india is getting brighter by the day with a wave of entrepreneurship sweeping through the youth of the nation. Sustainable profit through sustainable means is one of the new mantras in this clan of start ups. “Eco-Friendly startups of India” focuses on this bunch to see what innovations are bringing this change and how.

Fabrics going green

Sarga, founded by Sunil Mande is basically involved in creating Eco-friendly fabrics and furnishings. It uses organically developed or naturally available fibers like organic cotton, bamboo, lyocell, modal, flax & jute. These fibers are not subjected to pesticides of any kind. Sarga also ensures that its products are completely Eco-friendly and biodegradable by making sure the accessories like prints, dyes, threads involved in the process are harmless to the environment.

Sarga started off as an eco- friendly furnishing company and is now planning to move into the apparel segment as well. It also sees a sizeable demand for industrial application of fibers also known as ‘technical textile’ be used in jets, wind turbines, car bumpers, car panels etc. Sarga is exploring options with General Electric and National Aerospace Laboratories at the moment.

We wish them well and hope to see this green section in stores like shoppers stop and the likes, shortly!

Eco-friendly packaging, furniture and more

HonECOre was established in 2007 by a team of 5 young men coming from management and engineering backgrounds with an entrepreneurial vision of a “Greener World”.

Located in the garden city of India, Bangalore, HonECOre is into providing Eco friendly packaging solutions and various other eco friendly products that go into construction of green buildings. The USP of HonECOre lies in replacing wood completely from the packaging of their clients. HonECOre today saves at least one tonne of wood a day and truck loads of plastics in the form of bubblewrap as well as EPS, more popularly known as thermocole. While the EU nations and the US have already banned most of these materials and moved to greener product like those made by HonECOre, Indian authorities have just started waking up to the reality of the situation. HonECOre though, has been pro-active in this arena and started on a pro-active note to take Indian packaging green.

If this start up were to achieve its dreams, India will be a far greener nation than it is today. We would love that and how!

The Green Gift

Nurturing Green believes that gifts are meant to be cherished and nurtured like relations. Only then does the gift become something more than a trinket. It is this belief of theirs which makes plants for ideal gifts. “Gifting a plant to your loved one simply reiterates your concern and care for the person and promotes a message of life and an everlasting relationship”.

In the eyes of Nurturing Green: Plants not only add happiness to the lives to the people but also purify surrounding air creating a sense of freshness.

Their specially crafted plants are not only beautiful and easy to maintain, they also come in a handcrafted jute-pot increasing the intrinsic ecological appeal. This jute pot is a symbol of the humane aspect of our gifts as every plant you gift contributes to the welfare of the rural women who make these pots.

We sure hope they are as successful as putting a plant and a flower in every home as Bill Gates did with the Personal Computer!

Do you know of more startups that are focusing on a greener tomorrow? We'd love to feature them!

As ever, we'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


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  • Gursimran Kaur

    Inspiring list. We have an eco-friendly startup as well. We make electric vehicles for off-road and on-road use. Our fleet ranges from electric golf carts, electric passenger cars and electric industrial carriers. We’d love to be featured in the list. Know more about us –
    We are the first Indian company to use all Indian -made parts and make eco friendly vehicles that make no noise or pollution!

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