15 popular Google doodles of 2011

15 popular Google doodles of 2011

15 popular Google doodles of 2011

2011 was a great year!

It saw many advancements in the field of sports, internet, show biz, technology and more.

It also saw advancements in how one of internet’s most innovative companies, Google, designed its logos, also known as ‘doodles’. They were a lot more interactive, fun, memorable and non-google in 2011!


Well, this year Google rode less on the visual representation of its logo and more on the thought behind a certain ‘doodle’. And we really respect that! It shows the confidence of a company in its thoughts and in its user, to be able to recognize the Brand Google, without seeing a specific visual.

Infact, the image featured above is not a Google doodle from 2011. It was showcased on Google’s homepage in 2006, to celebrate Louis Braille’s 107th BirthdayIsn’t it a brilliant doodle? We love it!

Let’s have a look at 15 popular Google doodles of 2011.

Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding - Prince William of Wales & Catherine Middleton

 A non-interactive google doodle for probably the most celebrated wedding of 2011.

Martha Graham

Martha Graham Dance Google Doodle

Do you like dance & music? This is perhaps the most difficult, yet so beautiful a google doodle, celebrating Martha Graham’s 117th birthday. These five figures are dancing here.

Jim Henson

Google doodle muppets

Remember Muppets? Google doodle paid a tribute to the great visionary, Jim Henson on his 75th birthday. Wanna play with Muppets?

Robert Bunsen

Robert Bunsen Google Doodle

A google doodle for German chemist Robert Bunsen on his 200th birthday. Conduct an experiment!

World’s Fair

worlds fair google doodle

According to google, this doodle is a tribute to first world’s fair.

“An event that housed the latest and greatest inventions and cultural treasures of its time, the first World’s Fair at the Crystal Palace in London was packed with thousands of wonders.” Roll over the doodle to zoom in and witness the fair animations.

Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball Google Doodle

It’s been 100 years since Lucille Ball was born and google entertained us with clips of her timeless jokes.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin Google Doodle

One of the greatest star of all time, Charlie Chaplin’ 122nd birthday made Google attempt their first-ever live action video doodle. View the silent short film here.

Jules Verne

 Jules Verne Google Doodle

This google doodle celebrates Jules Verne’s 183rd birthday. View his imaginative world and set yourself on an underwater voyage!

Earth Day

Earth Day Google Doodle 2011

Google doodles celebrate the Earth Day every year. In 2011, we saw a spectacular and animated view of the earth as it was, away from manmade buildings and machines. “When users hover over various parts of the doodle, they may catch a salmon swimming up stream, parrots darting through the sky, a frog leaping across the grass, a bear having a snack, a koala performing gymnastics, a sleepy lion, butterflies rustling trees, a penguin sliding down an iceberg, and a sneezing baby panda.”

Art Clokey

Art Clokey's 90th Birthday Google Doodle

“Art Clokey, creator of The Gumby Show, led an incredibly fascinating life.” The show comes alive here!


google's doodle for halloween

Google doodle team captured the fascinating transformation that takes place when carving a pumpkin for Halloween 2011. Perhaps the first for a google doodle to have a timelapse video of close to 8 hours. Watch the Halloween preparations!

Yuri Gagarin

yuri gagarin google doodle

The google doodle walked into space, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the First Man in Space! Launch the Vostok spacecraft.

Lunar Eclipse

google lunar eclipse doodle

The Lunar eclipse in June 2011 had a special dedication to itself, in the form a timelapse video google doodle. Witness the eclipse yourself!

Les Paul

google doodle les paul

Over 40 millions song recordings within 2 days! Was that a Les Paul effect or magic of Google doodle to celebrate his 96th birthday? Make your own song!

Happy Holidays 2011

Google's holiday doodle


And google presented us with a musical holiday celebration in the form of this doodle as 2011 gave way to 2012!

Just like in a game of chance (poker), Google dabbled in creativity and played its hand in designing its logo (doodles) with more heart and thoughtful perceptiveness. In the end, they won the approval of many people and proving that they are truly the premier search engine of our time.

Long live Google doodles!

What do you think of these doodles? Do you enjoy them? We’re awaiting your comments in the section below.

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About the Author:

Himanshu Khanna is the founder of Pixelonomics and a senior designer at Sparklin. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @SparklinGuy

  • Neha Bhatnagar

    Jim Henson, Martha Graham and Les Paul were few of my favorites. 

  • Abhijeet Makhijani

    hmmm….. the confidence of the company eh? i more look at it as Google’s attempt from saving itself from the same old monotonous look it carries on its very functional n yet plain looking home page. I agree it was a fantastic move though, made us look at Google as something a lot more alive than it visually appeared to be… gave it a nice touch without creating a mess of it. 

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