100 years of Paramount Pictures – the game

100 years of Paramount Pictures

100 years of Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures just completed its 100 years!

To celebrate this mammoth milestone, they asked the California based design studio DKNG, run by Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman, to create a limited edition screen print featuring 100 of their most iconic movies.

I wish you could see my reaction to this. I have a thought bubble over my head – where can I buy this print?

Not for sale!

 These 24″x36″ prints are only available to Paramount employees and not available for sale. Supersad! Just makes me wish I was connected to Paramount in someway too.

Guess the movie – a gaming exercise

We love the print but can’t buy it. However, we can always take its digital version and create an interesting exercise for the movie buffs.

100 years of Paramount Pictures - the digital print

100 years of Paramount Pictures - the digital print - click for a bigger version

A game to guess the movie title! And there are 100 movies to choose from.

The purpose of design is not always to serve everything on a palate to consume. I call it intelligent designing. Notice how this print doesn’t giveaway the title of a movie. It informs us about a list of 100 iconic movies by Paramount. Two hints already!

Moving to a particular movie title, the next hint is through a minimal graphic about that film. The year of movie release is last in the list of hints here. Interesting?

Add a timer and possibly, a custom scorecard and all the gaming elements are in place.

From hereon, we can customize the gaming experience to our taste. We can play this in teams competing against each other. Or assign a number of verbal clues about each film to make it more fun. For instance, the male lead of this movie dies by the end whereas the female lead survives. Which movie?

Great movies! Great print!

Which movies of these do you like? How will you personalize the game?

Waiting to hear your views on this one, in the comments section below.

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  • Sarat

    can you do a tutorial for this one? would be really helpful!!

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