100+ Free – a trivia app that tests your graphic knowledge

DESIGNerd 100+

100+ Free –  Graphic Design Trivia

A game made by a designer, for the designers, 100+ Free is a quiz app that’ll put your design knowledge to the test. The maker of this app, Kevin Finn had initially created a trivia series called DESIGNerd 100+ which was a compilation of over 300 questions spreading across three volumes. The questions were drafted by some of the world’s leading creative minds. Well known designers such as Stefan Sagmeister, Steven Heller, Lita Talarico and Finn himself contributed questions for the app. These were printed on cards and came packed in a sleek 145mm collectors’ tin.

Now, to further gamify the concept, Finn has digitalised the entire trivia card set into an app. The game play is quite easy to understand. Users answer multiple choice questions about various design related topics such as typography, branding, design studios, publishing and design history. They are timed as they try and answer each question. The game also comes with a “Hint” feature that helps out amateur nerds when they’re stuck. Finn claims that this is the first gaming app made just for the designers.

Casual players will most likely fail when playing as the questions featured are incredibly particular and require in depth design knowledge. The game will definitely offer a digital ego strike to even the nerdiest of experts. You’ll have to answer questions that’ll require you to identify the title of the 2010 Abrams monograph about American designer James Victore, or locate the world’s first graphic design museum. When you answer correctly, the app appreciates you with a cheeky dialogue (“You really know your stuff!” it says.)

DESIGNerd 100+

100+ Free – Has cheeky dialogue

The app is a fun way to learn design history or brush up the design nerd in you. It most certainly is better than the extremely boring design textbooks. Also, the “Did you know?” factoid section will help you lord your design knowledge over the lesser nerds in your life. With regular updates, you’ll find something juicier to talk about during your design brainstorm sessions.

100+ Free is currently available only for iOS devices. An Android version is also in the making and will hit the stores pretty soon.


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